The Training

The Training in Tibetan Pulsing is not an “instant coffee”

although juicy, transformative and rewarding by already stepping onto the path.

Traditionally this Temple work is a transmission in the silence of the pulse beat, so that you embody direct inner experiences – and be a knowing from within

We will teach you what needs to be learned intellectually within an energy field that embodies the direct inner experience of the organs, circuits, their qualities and their impact on our life.

The fundamental Training is “The Intensive” giving you the bigger overall picture as well as a first cleansing flush of your own nervous system:

The Initiation for Part 1: “From I to ME” is “Fresh Juice” to empower the male fire

The Initiation for Part 2: “From ME to THIS” is “Fresh Air” ” to empower the female fire

having completed your Intensive

  • you will be invited to assist in all coming Intensives to support your own individual growth as well contributing to the field by being in Service for the new participants

  • You will be listed in our “Tibetan Calendar” (if you wish so)

  • And you may apply for certified Session giver

In the refinement module we teach you important tools for your practice

  • How to activate the flow

  • How to detect and free blockages

  • How to deal with entities

  • About the instinctive

  • Spine work

  • Colon squeeze

  • And much more

The “New Mind” Seminars are clearing the very roots and transmit a deep understanding, a comprehension about how Life, how consciousness develops in the different steps of development towards shining your lights with full potential – from Survival to Transformation.

It is a very refined and powerful work on the big nerves leaving the brain – often experienced as a dry cleaning and kind of defragmentation, before Phoenix arises from the ashes.

You can guide your clients only as deep, as you have encountered your own Self.

Apart from the foundation your Training into Tibetan Pulsing will very individual, according to your personal condition, your wish for intensity and your drive to dive into your Self and it’s transformation in this temple work.

We are here to guide you on your path and support you in every possible way

With Love and Awareness