Events 2022

1.-3. April | Parimal Gut Hübenthal

Fresh Juice

Ist designed um Spannung speziell aus dem Becken, bzw. drum herum (Beine, Beckenboden, Unterbauch, Kreuz) aufzulösen:
für eine gute Erdung und damit zum Frühlingsanfang neuer Saft fließen kann.
Am Samstag Abend wird es einen ganz besonderen Event geben, der eurem Liebesleben neue Inspirationen schenken mag.

  • wie ihr eurem Partner in und mit den Wonnen Heilung schenkt
  • und dabei als Mann einen (bzw. multiple) weiblichen Orgasmus erfahren könnt

Fee: 190,- (170,- bei Anmedung bis 15.3.)

08.08.2022 (Monday) 19:00
bis 21.08.2022 (Sunday) 13:00

Tibetan Pulsing

“In Tune with Mother Earth”

Our planet Earth is a living, conscious being.
It orbits the sun and rotates around itself.
This creates a sound in/and space and time. Every day a little different.
Since we are Earth (every molecule … our entire body comes from Her) these frequencies control our nervous system, our moods and our internal organs.

The stress we are exposed to every day in many ways disturbs the free flow, makes us mentally and physically ill and disconnects us from our authentic being … our Spirit.

With the pulse and the magnetic power of our hearts we cleanse the accumulated charges, free our nervous system from the disturbing, negative charges and dive into our natural, relaxed aliveness.

Every day we will treat exactly the organ circuit with which our mother earth vibrates and so we fall back “in tune” with her and our natural rhythm.

Old wounds heal and create space for a deep, inner connection with our Self.


Course fee

777,- €
444,- € (for all who have already completed the “Intensive”)

Fees & Timing

The monetary exchange for my healing activities:

Individual Sessions
Eye Reading, Bodywork, Counselling: 60,- / hour = 60 min.
An Eye Reading takes about 2 hours
An individual session takes about 1,5 hours
A Counselling session takes as long as needed

Weekend courses (Friday 8 pm to Sunday 5 pm)
190,- (early birds: 170,-)
New Mind courses (3,5 days): 300,- (early birds: 270,-)
Group leader Training GLT: 300,- (early birds: 240,-)
The Intensive: 1.100 € per
All courses package: 2.00,- / year

Fee can be refunded by your private Health insurance

Contact us

Write us to get more informations about the activities or to book a session/event

Phone: +49 (0)176 200 50 760