A Zen Story about Tibetan Pulsing Healing

Grandfather Stones
These Grandfather Stones are telling a Story about an ancient Let-Go. Once upon a time all land on Planet Earth was one big Continent, called Gondwana.
300 some Million Years ago this landmass fell apart and the Indian subcontinent shelf split from nowadays South Africa … left Madagascar behind and drifted north east …. Crossing the great waters … till it finally hit the Asian continent shelf … and folded up the Himalayas – the highest peaks of mountains … home of the highest peaks of human consciousness.
Some of their treasures are still dormant, some are lost forever and some have come back into the world … in a new form, fitting to transform the contemporary man. One of these Jewels is “Tibetan Pulsing”.

Grandfather Stones

… a few Years ago the Grandfather Stones @ my home in India told me their Story.
Next Winter they showed me the matching pictures.
In summer then i met Pietro who helped me to edit this little video clip

Play Video

Mother Earth
This saying … “Mother Earth” was resonating ever since I heard it … with the taste of a bloomy, esoteric new age saying.
But looking a bit deeper and expanding our consciosness … it is so!
All our body, every single cell, every molekül is coming from her body. We are Earth !
And she is providing and sustaining our life. The food we need for maintaining alive is growing on and from her substances. She is providing an atmosphere so that we can breath, Water so we can quench our thirst. She is constantly renewing Oxygen, fresh water and all nourishment for us to stay alive.
We are her children – just like our physical mother is offering her womb in which we can form our body (and in this 9 month becoming all creatures that have ever lived here)
Other Earth is offering her body to make evolution of mankind and all life possible.

Wir alle sind Sternenkinder … oder vielleicht besser gesagt: Wir sind Urururenkel der Sterne.
Das ist ein wissenschaftlicher Fakt. Unsere Sonne, wie auch alle anderen Sterne in unserem Universum sind gigantische Fusionsreaktoren. Sie fusionieren die aller einfachsten Atome –Wasserstoff – zu Helium (unser Universum besteht zu 99 % aus Wasserstoff und zu einem ganz kleinen Teil aus Helium – andere Atome gibt es noch nicht. Die werden erst in den Sternen erbrütet – bis hin zum Eisenatom. Danach fallen die Sterne unter ihrer eigenen Gravitation zusammen und explodieren in einer Supernova. Dabei entsteht so viel Energie, das auch schwerere Atome (wie z. B. Gold, Platin etc.) entstehen und ins Weltall geschleudert werden. Sie sind die Grundlage aller chemischen Elemente und formen sich über Jahrmillionen zu Planeten wie unsere Erde zusammen.


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