Seminars and Courses

All Courses contribute to your well being, are complete in them selves and can be attended singularly. They are juicy, healing, rise consciousness and are sustainable transformative.

Simultaneous every course and individual session may be steps into your individual Training to become a professional Tibetan Pulser.

The Intensive

Is the fundamental Training to learn Tibetan Pulsing from the scratch and will give you the overall bigger picture of this temple work

We will teach you what needs to be learned intellectually within an energy field that embodies direct inner experiences of the organs and their circuits, their qualities and their impact on your life.

Part 1
From I to Me”
the right eye – male attitudes

Part 2
From Me to This”
the left eye – female moods

Our nervous system is operating 24 organs – reflected both in the right and in the left Eye.

As experienced in the original form, we dedicate one day to each organ, according to the Tibetan pulsing organ calendar.

In synchronicity with energy of mother earth and plugged into the pulse beat of our hearts, it is natural and easy to deeply explore, let go, heal and transform the shadows into light and comprehend a whole new perception of (your) life / being.

!! The Intensive is an ego cracker – gentle, loving and very powerful. !!

When in our “tibetan slang‘ we speak of organs and their electrical circuits, we actually address a specific frequency our the nervous system that operates a specific electrical circuit. This navigates internal emotional and intellectual qualities as well as the physical organs and their function..

Check it out yourself:

Plug your finger into your ears and listen. First you will hear the movements of your fingers, your breathing, your heart beat and – so close and omnipresent, that you might not hear it anymore = a high pitch frequency, as if a TV is without channel. These are the frequencies our nervous system is operating one of the 24 Organs – physical, emotional and intellectual. These frequencies change in time in a precise order.

This little experiment is especially interesting during sunrise and sunset when these frequencies are changing.

The New Mind Waves

are deep explorations of one organ circuit in time.

In these processes we minutely look at the different phases of life: from birth to death.

Thus we discover, release and master the 7 specific lessons that every organ circuit is going through to develop their full potential:

i.e. strength, trust, freedom, love, authority…


Every life, every story and every undertaking runs in precisely 7 steps.
From Birth to Death – from Survival to Transformation

  1. Everything starts in a state of survival – life is fully dependent on the outside (like in the first year and also in the first 7 years)

  2. before we can connect with the outside world and have to learn and conform to the environment
    When our sexual energy rises in Puberty, we became polarised beings: – a man or a woman.

  3. Integration into society follows: We get a job, build a home, start a family, gain a status quo … This is how fare society, the collective will rise you,
    But now individuality might knock on your door with a whispering certain thirst for … ??

  4. Having reached all this – usually in the early 30s – often the question arises: “This was it all ?” We have every comfort, but it becomes a bit dull. On the outside we still keep it all up, but is not much fun any more, it s not nourishing any more.
    We deny our Self, our heart and our inner truth and continue “business as usual”,

  5. until we may receive a Zen-Stick: We might get fired, a stroke, an accident or a divorce … some event that shatters the comfortable, but unfulfilling, boring life. We enter a state of burn out, break down and Self destructiveness. Nothing is working no more, everything is smashed.
    This may feel like hell, but it is a very blessed time, too.
    Now, for the first time, as there is no way out anymore, neither excuse nor escape is possible

  6. Only now transformation is possible, as we can just let go, drop our will, our Egoic personality structures, and allow heart and spirit to take over again,

  7. Thus Transformation is inevitable and unfolds naturally towards our full potential.

The weekend courses

We have a deep look into the different layers of one organ circuit exploring their inner spaces, as every Organ circuit manifests a physical, emotional, intellectual and a spiritual body.

Thus we discover and release the tensions and held burden in that organ circuit for a better flow – inside out and outside in –

to free the path full potential:
i.e. strength, trust, freedom, love, authority…


Fresh juice

Fresh juice“ is designed to empower the male way to create an internal fire and to clear especially the tensions around the pelvis, lower back and belly.

Fresh air

Fresh air“ is designed to empower the female way to generate the internal fire and is especially clearing the tensions of suffering around the heart, the chest cavity and neck and shoulders.

The Vagus

The Vagus is the biggest nerve in our vegetative nervous system and play an important role in trauma therapy – responsible to cool down, rest, integrate, heal insensitive treatments and build up reserves. This process has a lot to do with Forgiving:

Vagus A: The Other – for what they have done unto you

Vagus B: Yourself – for what you have done unto others

The Bardo

Glimpses from the Tibetan Book of living and dying

A beloved, a friend, a fellow traveller has died. What happens in this process? … and how can we be of best support for the leaving soul and be receptive for their teaching from the beyond

This workshop may shatter your ideas about dead.

The Training

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