The eyes are the mirror of our soul

In fact the eyes are a perfect blueprint of our nervous system

– encrypted

They show our Lights and our Talents.

They reveal our Shadows and where we only function unconscious ways
… the short cuts inside the nervous system
thus expose the Matrix our Soul is living in.
They show our basic design, the current challenges we have to face and
The Stones on the Path to fulfill the deepest wish of our Hearts content: to live our full potential.

our true being at essence …

“The Eyes are the Mirror of your Soul”
This is a vernacular saying and a folk’s wisdom:

… and this is pinpoint!

Most everybody knows, how naked we can feel, when someone is looking long and deep into our eyes – as if the other can read our mind or detect our inside secrets.

… just the deeper meaning and the essential understanding has been forgotten.

In the west we have the iridology,
which is focused on the physical body and it s dis-eases.
The Tibetan Understanding goes much deeper …
– as the soul is much more than just the body.

The body is certainly deeply connected, interwoven and part of our soul,
we also have feelings … we have moods & sentiments. We have an emotional layer, too.

And we can think … we have a ratio, a logical understanding, a mind. We also have an intellectual layer.

These are also a kind of bodies and they carry their very own quality, energy and they are running on different electricity.
Underneath these 3 layers (body, emotions, mind) with which we connect to the outside world, there is also a spiritual or religious layer revealing our sense of self, our inside, our very private world.

It is about sensing and intuition … containing our Visions, our Longings and deepest Heart wishes.
All these Layers or bodies are also part of our soul.

Actually our soul, our true being is wrapped and hidden inside and beyond these different layers.
All these layers are reflected in the Eyes.

One Eye is mirroring our male attitudes, how we actively are going out, how we act in the world. One Eye is feminine … how we feel inside about what is going on around us.

The Colours, forms and markings in the Iris are showing, where you are at in Life. They mirror our Talents, our Light … what has already healed and transformed.
They also reveal the wounds & shocks, fears and sufferings that we once did experience in Life and are still carrying – as well as the dynamic they formed: Our strategies to circumvent these pain bodies: our personality / our ego.

So … in this way: “The Eyes are the mirror of our Soul” –

And … on Top: Our Eyes are not only a mirror, they are a map, too.
They show exactly, where the pain, suffering or fear is held and how to approach, discharge and dissolve these pain bodies – inside the nervous system.
To heal the wounds and free your being from the limitations of past experiences

Your Shadows will transform into Talents.

The Eye Reading

A deep look into our Eyes is very helpful to recognize

as they unconsciously shape and determine our lives.

By detecting and understanding our strategies to circumvent the pain bodies,
as well as re-member the light that we actually are.
become more conscious and compassionate
with ourselves and everyone else

An Eye Reading takes about 2 hours.

We first look into the challenges you are facing in this chapter of your Life – where you are at right now.

We explore your basic design, how you are “constructed” and empower your realized Qualities that are already developed and brought into your Life.

Then we look out for some “stones on the path”: where your wounds came from and what dynamics they create in Life for you.

We look at the topics and lessons your Soul has to encounter in order to manifest your uniqueness.

Thus we will discover the “red thread” that trails through our Lives.

Last, but not least we move into a relaxation … an initiation into the bodywork and the pulse beat of your heart.

THE Body work

The pulse beat of our hearts is the motor of this bodywork

Physical we connect with our hands, feet, elbows, knees, sometimes we are sitting or lying on each other in order to plug us via pulse beat into the nervous system of our partner(s).

We use techniques to create an internal fire for waking up and energize the addressed electrical circuit, we use techniques to pull out the tension and to harmonize the energetic flow.

In the individual treatments we work 1 on 1

Or if possible – two on one

In group situations, we create Mandalas


are bioelectrical machines using the love, sensitivity, awareness and light of every single buddy. Thus create a strong energy field to dissolve the tensions in the body and the nervous system.

Very fast deepest relaxation is happening, allowing us to return to our very essence. We experience a state where there are no thoughts, no emotions, no fear, no problems, no time and no space.

pure awareness,    is-ness,    consciousness   remains

Later then, in normal day to day Life, we may recon that situations, that did make us upset, sad or afraid, leave us now cool and relaxed.

The “hook/trigger”, is gone – the Circuit is cleaned and flows free again

The Motor is the pulse beat of our Hearts

We amplify our very Life energy that biological goes down and out into sexuality and bring it into the service of our hearts. By using the pulse beat as a transmitter, an electric wire we undergo the mind, it’s conditioning and defence system.

The magnetic power of the heart relaxes the held negativity in the nervous system and harmonizes the electrical flow in the circuits of the organs

The magnetic power of the heart

When you‘re meeting someone heart to heart, your hearts immediately start tuning to each other and soon start pulsing in the same rhythm. A magnetic field occurs – This phenomenon we call: Love. Love arises, when 2 (or more) hearts are pulsing in tune

In this field, duality, polarisation and separation melts down.

Love heals

  • Scientifically seen: The nervous system works entirely electrical with about 90 V electro-static. The heart operates an electro magnetic field with about 3000 mV thus able to neutralize the tensions in the nervous system efficiently.

Heart beat

  • Even two pieces of fresh cut and still pulsing heart tissue in a kidney basin: When they come close to each other, even then they still begin to tune and pulse in the same rhythm.

„The Hara is the sun, the heart, the Earth, the mind, the moon. In the solar system of our internal consciousness. To have those in balance, it is to participate in cosmic consciousness. To live in cosmic consciousness is a secret wish of every human being.“ The transformation of the Hara by Dheeraj.

Remembering the light

When a sperm merges with an egg cell, when a new life comes into being and spirit is taking a form, a visible flash of light occurs in the moment of perception. This has been filmed.